These are the tools I’m using nowadays

current hardware

My laptop of choice is the 15 inch Macbook Pro from 2015. I use a 24 inch LG secondary monitor and an ergonomic mouse🇨🇦 from Microsoft.

My iPad 2019🇨🇦 model is currently collecting dust because I can’t find a decent app for creating wireframes.

internet browsers

Google Chrome is my daily browser and I use Firefox and Safari to make sure my websites provide a consistent User Experience to my clients.

graphic design & web design

I use Figma to design interactive websites and mobile applications. I prefer the Affinity Suite because of its 1 time purchase fee, so I no longer use the Adobe Creative Cloud🇨🇦.

Iconset organizes my icons before exporting them in svg format. Accessibility testing and picking colors are done with Color Oracle and Sip.

web development

Visual Studio Code is my daily text editor and my occasional terminal use is done with the built-in Terminal in Mac OS. The terminal shell I’m currently using is zsh with the Oh My Zsh framework.

I keep my plugins to a minimal to avoid slowing down the shell start-up time. My absolute favorite zsh plugins are zsh-autosuggestions and zsh-syntax-highlighting.

I install and update my packages with Homebrew and I maintain multiple versions of NPM with N.

I seldomly use Fetch FTP to teach new developers how to upload their work into the server. I manage the databases with Table Plus since Sequel Pro is no longer maintained.


I track my work hours with Clockify and I use the default Calendar and Reminder applications on Mac OS and iOS.

I’m not a fan of to-do lists, so I only use them when I absolutely have to. I create them with the Reminders application as well.

I write my blog posts with Simplenote in markdown so I can easily export them into my blog.

I check my emails several times a day with Canary Mail because I like its User Interface and gesture functionality.


The built-in clock on Mac OS doesn’t include a calendar, therefore, I disable it in favor of Dato. I like to hide my menu icons with Dozer and resizing my windows with Tiles.

Flux reduces eye strain at night so it’s absolutely necessary to me. My favorite application by far is Alt-Tab because it manages all my open applications exactly like Microsoft Windows. I don’t have to use Spaces anymore 😄


App Cleaner automatically deletes useless applications, but removing folders manually is still required sometimes.

A virus scanner is absolutely necessary for all Operating Systems and Malwarebytes does the job for me.

Networking can be very helpful in getting jobs if used effectively. I use Discord and Slack🇨🇦 in addition to social media to stay in the loop.

I like keeping my web design and development skills up to date, so educational platforms like Lynda and Front-End Masters are quite useful.

Screenflow is pretty awesome for recording lectures online and uploading them privately to Youtube. My channel art emojis were created with the Rocket application.

I enjoy reading a lot during my free time and Kobo🇨🇦 is my current choice for ebooks. It also has a much nicer User Interface than Amazon Kindle🇨🇦, in my opinion.

Finally, I like to relax by listening to music with Spotify🇨🇦. I just can’t do it during work because I’m easily distracted. github twitter